Did you know that once information is created it very rarely is actually destroyed, most of the time it is simply lost and becomes too much effort for someone to find. This applies to all manner of things, pictures on your phone, documents on your hard drive, and music on your iPod. Something else you may not know is that the more places that information has been, the harder it is to destroy. You have likely seen this at work, a rumor (true or not) starts, the more people hear it, the more out of control it gets, until it becomes impossible to contradict.

Now it is well known that our generation loves to share, they would make excellent preschoolers. They share everything that happens to them, even if nobody cares. One teenager posts, “I had Lucky Charms for breakfast”, another says “Yeah! Got 5th place in the sock tying competition!” everybody ignores them because nobody actually cares about sock tying, much less the person who got 5th place. Yet our generation continues to share these things in order to validate their existence.

The only thing that makes information harder to control than distribution is when you are not the one who obtained it. If you snuck out to a party last night, but your parents don’t know then its fairly simple to keep them from finding out, simply don’t tell them. But if your brother saw you sneaking out then it suddenly becomes much more complicated, you can’t delete the information from his brain, so you simply have to talk him into not saying anything, which often puts you in a prime position for him to blackmail you into doing whatever he wants.

But our generation have put themselves in a far worse situation, without even realizing it. They have given thousands of pieces of personal data to companies that they know nothing about, without even a second thought. When told that constantly publishing their location, either by broadcasting where they are or by encoding GPS coordinates into pictures (seriously)  people simply say “So? What does it matter if people know where I am? It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong or interesting.”

The above example is quite a good one, by only knowing where


Theophilus Gives A Speech

Romanian Baptist Youth of Portland

by J. Budziszewski

Madame Procurator, members of the Pontius Pilate Society of Post-Everything State University: I’m honored to have been invited to speak to such a distinguished student organization.

Looking up, I see that you’ve placed my podium beneath a banner bearing your motto, Governor Pilate’s famous query, “What is truth?” It was a great question. I hope you will not be angry with me if I say that he did himself no credit by asking it. Not everyone who asks “What is truth?” wants to know the answer. Governor Pilate asked the question not to begin a conversation, but to end one. Perhaps he thought that it had no answer. It was the last sentence he addressed to his prisoner, Jesus of Nazareth, before walking out to the waiting crowd.

I propose not to end a conversation, but to begin one. That requires several things. One is that we…

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Do You Agree?

Here is a view of society that I found interesting:

What is the working class?

The working class is that class in society which lives entirely from the sale of its labor and does not draw profit from any kind of capital; whose weal and woe, whose life and death, whose sole existence depends on the demand for labor – hence, on the changing state of business, on the vagaries of unbridled competition.

The working class, then, has not always existed?

No. There have always been poor and working classes; and the working class have mostly been poor. But there have not always been workers and poor people living under conditions as they are today; any more than there has always been free unbridled competitions.

How did the working class originate?

The Working class originated in the industrial revolution, which took place in England in the last half of the last (18th) century, and which has since then been repeated in all the civilized countries of the world.

This industrial revolution was precipitated by the discovery